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Providing services for home windows, screens & sliding doors in Elmhurst, Illinois and suburbs.

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Our goal is to build a culture of customer care and service that inspires personal integrity. All qualified applicants will be afforded every opportunity to showcase their skills, expertise and enthusiasm.

We look after clients that are budget conscious with a focus on client satisfaction. If you need your glass replaced and done professionally, let us help you out.

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Serving the Elmhurst community for over 15+ years, and are committed to providing a safe, clean environment with a positive window repair experience.

Our Services

We pride ourselves on our professional, easy and courteous customer service and our commitment to quality as our top priority. We are a licensed, bonded and insured window repair company, and we adhere to the strictest standards of industry to ensure you the highest quality.

Window Repair

We provide complete window repair services, such as hardware and part replacements.

Glass Replacement

We can fix your bad insulated glass units, single pane and triple pane glass units.

Window Screens

We provide complete manufacturing of new window screens and can repair a large variety.

Patio Screens

We manufacture new patio screen doors and can also fix or repair your broken or damaged doors.

Storm Windows

We can make in-house new storm windows or fix the damage to your current storms on-site.

Sliding Doors

We replace bad sliding patio door rollers and also install new tempered thermal glass.

Window Repair Reviews Elmhurst

At Elmhurst Glass Repair located in Illinois we offer Glass Replacement, Glass Repair, Window Repair, Window Sash Balancers and Casement Operators in 60126. Elmhurst Glass offers window, screen, and patio door repairs. We provide commercial and residential service. We guarantee expert and timely service at affordable rates.

They came out on-site in a timely fashion. The customer service was great, I had my new insulated glass installed quickly, and no hassle of ordering it from the store. The price was very reasonable. Thanks!

Janis T. - Elmhurst, IL


Quick and easy service. Customer service was top notch. I used some different screens and this was the best I’ve owned for a low price.

Denise P. - Elmhurst, IL


I had a patio screen door done by this guy who was very friendly and helpful. I’ve had my patio screen recently damaged and the rollers didn’t work. He came out and measured and installed a new door quickly.

James S. - Elmwood Park, IL


Elmhurst Glass Repair

All our Elmhurst Glass Repair glaziers are trained in the use of a glazing-replacement procedure that requires a detailed examination of each pane of glass. As with all glaziers, glaziers take pride in providing high-quality workmanship and a quality solution for repairing and replacing windows of your home.

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